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They did an awesome job. Moved what needed to be moved. Perfect paint. Cleaned up. AJ is a perfectionist!! So happy we used them.
Dan Daly
Thank you. We are extremely pleased.
Elizabeth Ford
AJ IS AWESOME. He is always on time and does exactly what he commits to doing. I've used him exclusively for the last ten years in two homes and a business. I would trust him with all my personal belongings and full access to my home. Furnishings will be covered and cared for. He painted all three levels of my 6000 sq home which includes detailed moldings, fixtures , etcetera and it's beautiful. I would have zero concerns with the work you have outlined below.
Leslie Bolin-Johnson
My husband, David and I highly recommend AJ and Duluth Friendly for your next painting project. The team just finished painting the exterior of our house. The quality of the job was excellent and just as importantly AJ was a pleasure to work with. W had a firm deadline to meet and in spite of all the rain we have been experiencing AJ was able to meet it. We were so happy with the exterior we had the crew come back and paint 5 interior rooms a few weeks later. AJ noticed some  repairs that needed to be done to the exterior of the house, brought them to our attention and fixed them as well for us. Needless to say we will be calling him again shortly for additional interior work.
Mary Scheible
Duluth Painting is who I turn to for exemplary service! I am a Realtor, who I recommend reflects on me; I can't afford to recommend fly-by-night contractors. AJ and his crew get in, get the job done efficiently and quickly, then get out. They may not always be the least expensive, but they are usually the best! I've recommended Duluth Painting many times to my clients, and each time, the client is always happy with Duluth's service. But what I think I like about AJ and his crew is their kindness and thoughtfulness; they treat each customer as if their lives depend on it!
Nancy Aroneck
AJ is FANTASTIC. My husband, Matt Brown, will send his contact inforamtion. AJ does fantastic work and is an all-around good human being. We have enjoyed getting to know AJ, and learning of his humble beginnings, and his path to his current success. One story AJ relayed to us shortly after we first met was about how early in his career he was retained by new a client to paint the interior of her home. Shortly after he had been retained, the client learned that a family member passed away and she had to leave town immediately. AJ encouraged her to go on, and said they could get back in touch when she got back.

The client reportedly insisted that AJ continue on with the work in her absence. She entrusted him to select the interior paint colors and paint her home while she was gone. When AJ attempted to convince the client to take the time off and to reconnect with him later, she responded simply that she trusted him. While she was gone, in addition to selecting the colors and painting her home, AJ discovered an old grandfather clock that was in disrepair. He was so grateful for having earned the client's trust that he had the clock repaired as a surprise to her upon her return home. This simple act of generosity, seemingly paid off in spades. On thing led to another...AJ went on to learn that the client was a member of a board managing residential properties and he later obtained that business...and more. 

We have enjoyed getting to know AJ's and hearing of his stories of trust and compassion. We are so happy to have found him and we are proud to refer him."
Lisa Szafranic
AJ, the place looks AWESOME!!! You’d never know that we had a tenant that wrecked the walls, ceilings and trim
Stephanie Doyle Roads