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Paul and Callie Kleinschnitz (Chastain Park)
Interior Painting, Renovations and Remodels to their home in Chastain Park
Alex Latraverse (Lenox Park)
Interior Painting, Wall and Ceiling Repairs, Roof Repairs, Exterior Painting
Vikhramand Anuja Singha (Historic Brookhaven)
Total Home Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Total Home Paint Both Interior and Exterior, Walls, Trim, Windows, Doors, Doors Stained Outside , Deck Stain, Annual Gutter Cleaning
John and Leslie Johnson (Brookhaven)
Total Home Interior Painting, Deck Staining, Home Improvements, Total Design and Build Out of BROOKHAVEN WINES INC. Dresden Drive Retail Store.
Dan and Natalie Daley (Buckhead)
Total Home Interior Painting
Matt and Lisa Brown-Zcsfranic (Chastain Park)
Total Home Interior Painting, Renovations, Deck Painting, Exterior Modifications
Erin and Carol Ulrichsen (Sandy Springs)
Total Interior Painting, Renovations, Carpet Installation, Cabinet Refinishing
Jennifer Rogers (Brookhaven)
Interior Painting, Quarterly Gutter Cleaning, Exterior Painting
Lori McCullough (Brookhaven)
Total Interior Painting, Renovations, Regular handyman
Nancy Aroneck (Brookhaven)
Interior, Exterior paint, renovations, modifications for clients
Toby Sweet (Metro And Greater Atlanta)
Interior Paint and Modifications for NORDSTROM INC. stores
Stephanie Roads (Brookhaven)
Interior Painting, Exterior Painting